Is He?

Is He my Satisfaction? Is He my Contentment in all my days? Is He the Rest that consumes me? Psalm 42:1-2 tells me that as the deer pants for the water brooks, so should my soul pant for the living God. Are the thirsts and longings of my soul only satisfied by Him?

Am I satisfied? Is the fact that He IS Savior, Counselor, Refuge, Comforter, King of Kings, my Portion not enough for me? Is there any place my heart could weep that He is not there? Isaiah 43 tells me that this God is willing that when I pass through the waters He will be with me, that they will not overflow me, and that when I go through the flames of life He will so cover me that I will not even be scorched. Why am I so double minded as to one day sing of my position as child of God and without barely the change of the wind I am seeking relationships, finances, material possessions and status to fill my satisfactions. So then, why do I allow the longings, fears and desires of my flesh to cause me to settle for any counterfeit that is not Him to be my All in All? Is He my Satisfaction?

Paul states in Philippians 4:11 that he has learned to be content in whatever state he is in, that whether he is hungry or has plenty, or if his finances are flowing or dried up that it is God who gives him the strength to get through it. On the days that my flesh grows weary do I run to Him and delight in the truth that He is the Joy of my strength? When my world has come crashing down around me do I as the Psalmist from the deepest places in my soul cry “But You, O Lord, are a Shield for me, my glory and the Lifter of my head”. Am I content to be still and know that He is God, or am I constantly running ahead to fix, make, put together, take apart or speak into? When it is His desire to make my feet as the deer and take me to the high places with Him, and to renew my strength that I would mount up with wings like eagles why do I so often refuse the wonderment of the places of contentment He offers? Is He my Contentment?

Do I find in Him to be Rest? Why do I take the loveliness of the 23rd Psalm and translate it to be for the comfort at funerals only? Does He not say that He is my Shepherd and that I should have no want, that He makes for me lush green pastures to lie down and rest in, that He leads me, comforts me and is ever with me? Why then do I strive and build empires of my own? Why do I wrestle with the prince of darkness when the Giver of Life longs to sing over me until I lay sleeping in His arms of Rest. Is He my Rest?

Without He is my Satisfaction, my Contentment and my Rest I find my days to be without purpose, without direction as the raging storm displacing the tiny flowers of the field beating them down without mercy. Without the yielding of my spirit to the totality of Who He is every hour, every day, every moment is continually, constantly and completely filled with self-seeking, self-fulfilling, and self-destroying acts. Surly it is in the relenting of my way that allows the freedom of the Spirit to lavish the beauty of Who He is over me, thus allowing me to know the intense intimacy of His favor, of Him “lifing” out of every ounce of my being until I am totally consumed, totally satisfied, totally content and totally at rest. Is He my next breath?

Is He?

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